Jake Danik was born in the heartland of western Pennsylvania where his father had a major influence on him to be an angler starting at a young age. From his childhood too his high school years, you could always find Jake hurrying off to that special fishing hole. Weather it was a summertime lake, lazy river or a backwoods creek... if there was water, Jake was fishing it. Some of the major fisheries Jake grew up adventuring to include the Allegheny River and Lake Erie, where he chased small mouth and large mouth alike. He also enjoyed fishing for skittish trout in many of the creeks that Pennsylvania has to offer, as well as wintering steelhead that move from Lake Erie into the local water ways to spawn.

Jake first started kayak fishing two years ago, when he got orders to Mountain Home AFB and found out that it was the easiest and most effective way to find and chase fish. He would just throw his yak in the back of the truck and head out to the closest fishery. As Jake says…”Kayak fishing is simplicity at it’s finest…you have a paddle, a kayak, tackle and rods, and it’s as easy as that. There isn’t any maintenance except taking a sponge and garden hose to get all of the slime and grime off. Some of Jakes strong suits as an angler are flipping and pitching to heavy cover, sight fishing to weary bass, and bringing those hungry torpedoes up from the depths to make a top water strike. He is excited to be partnered with Alpenglow Mountainsport as a brand ambassador for Jackson Kayak and can’t wait to do his part to help grow the great sport of kayak fishing.


Favorite fishery: Snake River

Favorite Technique: Flipping and fishing to thick cover

Fishing Strength: The ability to adapt quick

Kayak: 2017 Jackson Cuda HD

Why He’s an angler: It’s all about the experience on the water. The Fish, the hits, and the hook sets… there’s nothing like it in the world.

Jacob Danik

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