Doc's Proplugs

As the premiere water sport earplug designed and distributed by a surfing doctor, Doc’s Proplugs is committed to providing the best quality earplug for the ultimate ear protection for all water sport athletes. By spreading the importance of ear damage prevention our goal is to help people have fewer worries when doing the sport they love.

About Us: Doc's Proplugs are designed to be non-invasive, inexpensive, and long lasting. They are easily self-fitted and are ready to wear. Each Doc's Proplug is made of soft, hypoallergenic Kraton with memory that provides a watertight seal. Proper usage will help keep you in the water. With consistent use, they help prevent future ear problems such as:

• Swimmer's Ear (infection)
• Surfer's Ear (bony growth)
• Water-skier's Ear (ruptured eardrum)
• Musician's Ear (high-frequency hearing loss)

International Aquatic Trades, Inc distributes Doc's Proplugs. The company is located in Santa Cruz, California. Dr. Scott's daughter, Brenda Scott-Rogers, is the president of International Aquatic Trades, Inc. Doc's Proplugs are distributed to selected dive shops, surf shops, pharmacies, Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) specialists for purchase by consumers. You may also purchase Doc's Proplugs directly from IAT and speak with an experienced customer service representative to assist you with your questions concerning the Proplugs.

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